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Exhibitions & Naturopathic Diagnosis

MNA has organized various health fairs and exhibitions, giving naturopath opportunities to promote naturopathic therapy and complimentary therapy. We have also provided free naturopathic health diagnosis and health consultations for corporate and public to promote the principle of natural medicine and its application.

Seminars and Workshops

MNA has organized countless health seminars and health workshop throughout these years, providing naturopath opportunities to promote their therapy and to educate the public with the benefits of naturopathic therapy and complimentary therapy. We also organize workshops for naturopaths to equip themselves with the latest technologies in natural medicine.

Corporate that we have held seminars and workshops for:
HSBC Bank, Citibank, Sime Darby, Lions Group Insurance, Worldline International, EcoWorld, SP Setia, DBKL Dewan Bandaraya, Kementerian Kerajaya, Persada Plus HQ, IUMW University, Help University, Laurant Blue Skin University, Millenium Hotel, Corus Hotel, Les Meridian Hotel

Sports Events

MNA has also organized various sports competitions to educate the public with naturopathic principles, such as prevention, and treating the whole person, and promoting a culture of healthy lifestyle.

Fundraising Campaigns

MNA has organized various events to raise fund for Dr. Jessie Chung Cancer fund, a fund focusing in assisting cancer patients financially, providing cancer patients with better naturopathic medical and healthcare assistance. We strive to build a better society with health and compassion as the foundation.