Founded in 2014, Malaysia Naturopathic Association is the professional society in Malaysia representing licensed naturopathic doctors, naturopathic medicine students, and other healthcare professionals allied with the naturopathic profession.

We focus only on the issues that affect naturopaths, and we strive for excellence, leadership and integrity in naturopathic health care.

The MNA committee is made up of naturopaths who understand your needs and concerns. We are in naturopathic practice like you, and we actively encourages members to participate in the association. Members will be given special privileges for any seminars or conferences organized by MNA.

MNA promotes and disseminates knowledge and understanding about Naturopathy to its members and the public at large.

Together, we work to advance the unique and distinct philosophy of naturopathic medicine, to expand access to naturopathic doctors, and to help its members build successful practices.

This is where you belong – join over your fellow colleagues, peers and licensed naturopathic professional community today.